Supporting our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic

The A/E/C industry and best practices have changed overnight.  We have spoken with many of you and everyone is having similar challenges, with remote work, loss of revenue, and uncertainty.

These are unprecedented times and we all need to be informed and collaborate in new ways so we can survive this crisis.

Spark’s strength is client service, research, communication, and working with people. We have been busy in the last couple of weeks, as the situation was unfolding, preparing for this and we
are able to help our clients navigate this crisis in these ways:

Research Services:

  • Employee furlough/layoff information
  • HR considerations and resources
  • COBRA and other benefits
  • PTO options
  • Unemployment benefits
  • SBA Loans/ including loan forgiveness
  • CARES Act
  • WARN Act
Internal support:

  • Helpful tips for leaders to manage teams remotely
  • Organize and prioritize employees concerns
  • Alleviate pressure from leadership while allowing staff to feel heard
  • Help identify resources and transition when reducing workforce









Outplacement Assistance:

  • Resume writing
  • LinkedIn profile update
  • Portfolio update
  • Job search assistance
  • Career counseling